Absolute Advantage Electrology & Laser Clinic
Linda E. Thibedeau, R.E.
Registered Electrologist & Laser Hair Technician
Associate, Cosmetic Laser Center at Dermatology Associates North Shore
Arthur F. DiMattia, M.D. Dermatologist
100 Cummings Center, Suite 321-G
Beverly MA 01915
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About our Electrologist in Beverly, Massachusetts

Linda E. Thibedeau is a graduate of the Cowan Thermiquetron Institute in Boston, MA. She has been a State-Licensed and Registered Electrologist for more than 35 years and has maintained a successful practice in Beverly, MA. Her office is located in the Cummings Center where she treats women and men in a comfortable, relaxing, and welcoming environment.

In addition to specializing in Electrolysis, Linda incorporated Laser Hair Removal into her practice more than over 15 years ago. She is an Associate of Dr. Arthur F. DiMattia, Dermatologist at the Cosmetic Laser Center at Dermatology Associates of the Northshore in Peabody, MA. Linda has helped thousands of patients rid themselves of embarrassing and unwanted hair using Electrolysis, Laser, or a combination of both. Linda is completely objective when determining the best course of treatment because she offers both Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal Treatments, unlike many others who only practice one procedure.
Knowing that many patients are often shy or embarrassed about their appearance due to unwanted hair, she is committed to maintaining an environment of understanding and respect in all aspects of her practice. With more than 35 years of experience, Linda knows that Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal can rid anyone of undesirable hair and offer the benefits of a smooth complexion to all.

Mission Statement

TOGETHER we will discuss each area of concern in the context of your Permanent Hair Removal goals which will lead us to the most appropriate and best options for you.
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